About Let's do it for MELet’s Do It for ME is a patient-driven campaign to raise awareness and vital funds for Invest in ME’s proposal for a centre of excellence for translational biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). The centre will clinically assess, diagnose and treat patients. Work collaboratively with international researchers and provide training and information for healthcare staff. The campaign is run by sufferers who want the findings of high quality research to result in the development of appropriate treatments. Read More


About Invest in ME Invest in ME is an independent UK charity, everyone involved with the charity is a volunteer. Invest in ME is a small charity with a Big Cause and aims to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into ME and a centre of excellence for ME research and treatment at the University of East Anglia. The charity hosts an annual international biomedical research conference and has hosted international collaborative research meetings has links nationwide and internationally and is a founding member of The European ME Alliance. Read More


The MatrixThe Matrix Inspired by a £1000 donation to the UK Rituximab Trial JustGiving page the aim of the Matrix is to help raise awareness for this important research into understanding and finding effective treatments for ME, and to raise as much as possible of the £450,000 required to fund this trial by inviting 100 pledges to raise or donate £1000 each. For those pledging via a fundraising effort, we will be happy to create a JustGiving page for anyone wishing us to. We can also provide sponsorship forms, collection vessels, and awareness materials. Read More


IiME Rituximab TrialA UK Rituximab Study for ME Invest in ME have initiated a UK Rituximab Trial. Our advisor is Professor Jonathan Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Connective Tissue Medicine at University College London (UCL). The clinical trial will be performed at UCL at the new Clinical Trials Research Facility with staff appointed to manage trials of this sort. There is laboratory expertise in B cell immunology under Dr Jo Cambridge. Donations can be made to the Rituximab Trial Fund and the Biomedical Research Fund will continue to fund further research projects. Read More


UK Gut Microbiota Project IIThe Foundation Research Project Thanks to extraordinary efforts, visionary ideas, tremendous generosity and sheer hard work and dedication by patients and their carers and families and friends the microbiota project was funded and is underway at UEA. Now fundraising has begun for the UK Gut Mircobiota Project II which will continue and build on the work already being performed at UEA, IFR and The Genome Analysis Centre’s sequencing facility at Norwich Research Park. A micro-site for the UK Gut Microbiota projects is coming soon.  Read More


A Centre of ExcellenceA Centre of Excellence Invest in ME’s proposal for a centre of excellence for ME research and treatment is based at the University of East Anglia and Norwich Research Park. Patients will be examined by the ME consultant at either Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital or a local community hospital and diagnosis made using correct internationally accepted guidelines. Patient care and treatment will be at the heart of the centre and research will focus on the underlying pathology of the disease and finding effective treatments. Read More


About IiMEC9IiMEC9 – 9th Invest in ME International ME Conference was held 30th May Westminster, London. The conference theme was ‘Synergising Research into ME’. As has become customary there was also a pre-conference meeting of international researchers – Biomedical Research into ME Collaborative Meeting 4. Visit the IiMEC9 website here. Conference Journals and CPD-accredited DVDs are available here. IiMEC10 will be held 29th May 2015 marking 10 years of patients, researchers and clinicians interacting, dicsussing and working together.