Walk for ME 2016

Walk for ME 2016 has launched in preparation for ME Awareness Week, which runs from 9th to 15th May. Sarah-Louise Jordan has created the event page on Facebook and Luke Remnant has a Team Page for Invest in ME on JustGiving. Tania Brown has set up the event page on Facebook for Team Walk for ME Isle of Man 2016. Walk for ME is in aid of two charities so please be sure to select Invest in ME (here on JustGiving) if you want to create your own Walk for ME page to support our cause here at Let’s Do It for ME.
If you’re new to our site, Let’s Do It for ME is a community campaign run by patients in support of the work of the charity Invest in ME (Research), and raising funds for their biomedical research strategy for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Please browse our site for various ways to help raise awareness and funds. Our summary of 2015 is here. We begin the year at £634k raised so far for the Invest in ME Research on the role of infection and the immune system (currently gut microbiome and B-cells/ rituximab). In June 2016, Invest in ME hold their 11th (now world-renowned) international biomedical research conference events since they set up as a charity in 2006, forging a path for progress in research for tests and treatments for this disease. Invest in ME is run entirely by dedicated volunteers, with no funds spent on salaries or unnecessary overheads. You can sign up to receive the free Invest in ME e-newsletter and the Let’s Do It for ME blog for updates on the research projects and ways to help throughout the year.

If you would like to join Invest in ME supporters with a walk, run, swim, wheelchair push, walkies with your four-legged friends, through Walk for ME 2016, then click here for more information and please share the link widely. Thank you for your support and to everyone at Team Walk for ME. Please also browse our site for more ways to help raise awareness.