The Mighty Deerstalker for Invest in ME Research

By Victoria McNiff on JustGiving:

Vicky Mcniff

We are taking part in The Mighty Deerstalker half stalker, probably the hardest off-road-Tweed-clad-pipe-lit-plus-four-and-headtorch-wearing run that exists, and the biggest nightrun in the U.K. We are not all very fit and this will be a huge challenge, but we are doing this to raise money for Invest In ME, a volunteer run charity which raises money for biomedical research into ME (which is also known by the rather misleading name of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

There are millions of people across the world today living with the complex neurological disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis who are actively and indefinitely missing from their childhood, their adolescence and their adulthood; their education, their careers, their social lives and their ability to contribute to society.
Despite scientific progression in many illnesses and diseases, ME remains a stagnant orphan condition, continually missing millions of pounds in funding for research and treatment, and missing millions of doctors, researchers and specialists to assist sufferers in their every day lives. At a time where more and more lives are being destroyed by this disease, both young and old, this complacency must and will change.

We have seen the devastation personally, 12 year old Kirsten went rapidly from a very fit and achieving young girl who loved school and many sporting and social activities, to to one who now at 14 is barely able to leave her dark bedroom, with dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, migraines, intense light and sound sensitivity, very poor and unrefreshing sleep, but most of all profound fatigue (more like gravity increasing so you can’t move than simple tiredness), which is worsened by any physical or mental excertion.

Signed up to do the half Deerstalker so far are Kirsten’s dad Mark, her brother Joseph, her uncle Richard, aunt Michelle, and cousin Jake. Mark and Michelle are now signed up to do the FULL stalker, the crazy main run race of uncertain length. Also joining them is Kirsten’s uncle Dennis and cousin Tigen.

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