The idea behind Walk for ME is that friends, family and loved ones of an ME sufferer do a sponsored walk on their behalf to raise awareness and funds for biomedical research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). People with ME often have friends and loved ones saying they feel helpless and they wish there was more they could do to help. This could be their chance. Launched by Luke Remnant and friends in May 2013, Walk for ME has seen amazing people do sponsored walks, swims, runs and rides across the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Spain, France, Malaysia, New Zealand and both coasts of America, and has inspired other events such as a Comedy Night in Manchester.

It is hoped that as many friends and loved ones as possible will do a sponsored walk or other fun event during ME Awareness Week in May, although you can also do a walk at any other time if you prefer! If you have ME and are well enough to take part in a sponsored walk that’s fantastic, but please be aware of the potentially serious worsening of symptoms from physical activity (post-exertional malaise/neuroimmune exhaustion, now formally recognised by the Institute of Medicine as ‘systemic exertion intolerance’), so please don’t attempt to walk, or travel by wheelchair, mobility scooter etc., any distance that is further than your current level of health allows.

For everyone taking part, this is about raising awareness and not a physical challenge, and there is also the option of The Big Sleep for ME for Invest in ME Research.

To take part in Walk for ME, you can join the fundraising team on JustGiving (please be sure to select Invest in ME Research when setting up your page if you wish to support our cause). There are step by step instructions on how to join the Walk for ME JustGiving team on the website under Get Involved. On the same page, Walk for ME provide a “I’m walking for…” file to print out and wear on your walking clothes that gives the opportunity for you to say who you are walking for and why. By pledging to take part in this event for Invest in ME Research you can also request a free t-shirt from the charity – we like to make sure you’ll really look the part! Contact them here.



Sarah Loveland was inspired by severe ME sufferer Sarah-Louise Jordan’s determination to take part in Walk for ME. Mainly because her aim was simply to, with the help of her friend Shelly, walk to her garden gate. A distance of just 30 steps but a big goal for someone with severe ME. Wanting to show support for people like Sarah-Louise and to help fund vital research Sarah swam 5.25 miles across lake Coniston. Sarah’s swim raised over £1000 and Sarah-Louise managed her challenge and to raise a substantial amount too – see her JustGiving page here.


More reasons people have taken part in Walk for ME

Mawer Family Walk for M.E. – I’m walking/wheelchair pushing for IiME because 3 out of 5 members of our family have M.E.

Walk for ME 2014 by Keith Hellen – I’m doing a sponsored walk for IiME because my son has ME.

Kenny’s walk for ME – I’m walking 26 miles around Edinburgh for IiME because they need more donations to aid medical research.

Amanda’s Walk for ME – I’m walking 26 miles for IiME because my sister has had ME for many years…


Louise Cairn’s combined Walk for ME and The Big Sleep for ME to do a sleepwalk for ME

Louise’s Sleepwalk for ME – I’m sleep walking for IiME because I want hope of a cure for this devastating illness.

Learn more about
The Big Sleep for ME




To take this opportunity to support Invest in ME Research in Walk for ME 2019:


a JustGiving page

Walk for ME JustGiving Team

Facebook Event

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family.


With thanks to Luke Remnant and everyone at Walk for ME supporting Invest in ME Research in this event.


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