Jon WatsonMake ME Crafts is the creative branch of the Let’s Do It for ME campaign initiated and run by ME sufferer Jon Watson (pictured).

Many of our crafters are ME sufferers themselves. We also have well friends and family that craft for us. You don’t need to have any connection to someone with ME to take part though. All that is needed is a creative urge and the wish to sell your products in aid of Invest in ME Research. The range of items sold so far has varied from cuddly toys to scarves, phone cases to jewellery, books to bookmarks and greeting cards. While the % of profits going to the charity from sellers varies the one thing all our crafters have in common is that they all sell products that raise money for vital biomedical research into ME.



“ME or myalgic encephalomyelitis is an extremely debilitating, chronic condition for which there is no cure. At Make ME we aim to focus on the little things that people with this condition can accomplish, bit by bit, instead of the bigger things we can’t; to shift attention to the positive ways we can still make a difference.

Being ill doesn’t mean we have to stop being creative. Even if we’re stuck at home, or in bed, we can still contribute. Using the power of the internet and keeping our projects flexible enough to manage around our health, we can get our lovingly created crafts out there, raising awareness and fighting for real and effective ME treatments.

Crafts made by sufferers are listed at their own pace, as they complete them, with many sellers working on projects as and when they’re able. There is absolutely no rush – no pressure. There are no demands or time-constraints.”



As many items are unique one-off pieces or limited in stock it is best to see what is currently available on the Make ME website. As many of our sellers are poorly themselves we recommend you buy early if it’s for a special occasion – or contact the seller first to request an estimated arrival date. The list of current Make ME website sellers can be seen here.

As well as the Make ME website further sellers also sell through their own Facebook pages and websites, such as Etsy. When shopping on a seller’s own site please be aware that not all items will necessarily profit the charity – some may sell specific items in aid of Invest in ME Research.

If you’d like to become a Make ME Seller contact Make ME HQ via their contact form or email