Makayla Nunn’s 4ft Horse Jump for Invest in ME Research


Makayla Nunn’s latest fundraising event for Invest in ME has been featured in the Weston Mercury in an article by Sarah Robinson here – ‘No-one can give me answers to if I will get better’ – student who gave up dancing and sport through illness plans 4ft horse jump

Makayla’s story on JustGiving –

I’ve lost my friends because of M.E, I’ve had to cut my hours down at school, give up my dancing and sport. People say because this illness I’ve lost my childhood as I became ill at 8 years of age yet no one can give me answers as to why I got ill or will I get better because at the moment there are no answers . My hope is that Invest in M.E can give me these answers so that’s why I’m raising money for them.

My family watched me lose so much because this Illness but one thing I didn’t give up was my horses . They are my soul mate, my therapy my enjoymentI didn’t care that after riding them they would make me crash I enjoyed it no I loved it one thing M.E wouldn’t take away from me.

I will be 13 on the 12th Sept it will be 5 yrs in October that I have been ill, but this summer the hospital have said if I can manage and pace myself I can spend extra time with my horse Tommy. So because of this I want to challenge myself and Tommy to jump a 4ft jump… this will be a challenge as I’ve not been jumping for that long and Tommy has had a bit of a rest from jumping but I know we can do it and no better way to challenge myself than raise money for Invest in M.E at the same time.

Please help me to help invest in M.E because this illness can affect anyone at anytime and at any age no matter how fit or active they are M.E doesn’t care but I do I want answers.

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Makayla Walks with the Animals for Invest in ME

Struck by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) at 8 years of age, 12 year old Makayla Nunn has embarked on her second year of raising awareness and funds for Invest in ME (Research). Makayla’s extraordinary efforts to support the charity in 2015 placed her in the top 3% of JustGiving fundraisers, as reported by the Weston Mercury last month and noticed by John Penrose, making the MP for Weston-super-Mare proud.


Makayla was pictured at Priory Community School, holding Let’s Do It for ME Bear and the T-shirt, featuring some names of supporters and fellow ME sufferers, specially designed for her May 2015 Horse Walk for Invest in ME.


After an excellent start to secondary school on reduced hours in September, Makayla’s mother Michelle Nunn said that Priory Community School deserves recognition as a model of good practice for support of children with ME.

Makayla won a Student of the Week Award, “Making her MORE POWERFUL THAN A MIGHTY STEAM TRAIN” according to actor Jon Campling. When Makayla was too ill to undertake any exertion other than watching films she had seen before, her favourite was Harry Potter, so imagine how delightful to be encouraged by a Death Eater!

Actor Jon Campling
Actor Jon Campling

Jon Campling described the picture Makayla painted and auctioned for Invest in ME last year as AMAZING. Art was another activity Makayla was unable to do during her worse phase of illness, so she went wonderfully wild with her colourful zebra, very apt in support of a charity leading the field in organising and funding cutting edge research for tests and treatments for the illness that “cruelly crashed” her fun loving young world.

Makayla’s efforts have also been kindly noted on Twitter by journalist and TV presenter Matthew Wright, and actress Linda Robson.


If you would like a zebra picture personalised with your name to share online as a thank you for your support of Makayla’s 2016 awareness & fundraising for the charity Invest in ME Research, please contact Michelle Nunn. You can find Makayla’s Fundraising for ME on Facebook, follow Michelle Nunn on Twitter, sponsor Makayla on JustGiving or text WFME76 (£1-£5 or £10) to 70070.

Following on from her successful Horse Walk for ME 2015, Makayla plans a number of walks with different animals this year, starting with .. an Alpaca!
Move over Doctor Dolittle .. here comes little Miss Doalot!


To read all about Makayla’s ME Awareness & Fundraising for Invest in ME 2015 see Second to Nunn and Makayla & Mummy

To adopt a Let’s Do It for ME Bear visit our shop on Spreadshirt.

Big thanks to this little girl & everyone supporting!