Work for Good: Matching Donations until Christmas!

Offer for businesses donating for the first time through Work for Good.


Invest in ME Research is a charity member of Work for Good, a social enterprise created to make it easy for businesses to incorporate philanthropy into their day to day work and to donate to charities through this platform.

A very generous donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has pledged to double donations via Work for Good from now until Christmas.

The match donor will double a maximum of £1,000 per business, first come first served, whilst funds remain for any business making donations through the Work for Good platform for the first time.

“This gives you and your business a great opportunity to make your first donation(s) to the causes you care about through Work for Good. By doing so, your money will go further since we’ll match what you give. How’s that for an early Christmas present?!” More here.

Work for Good is the brainchild of Rupert Pick, who was inspired to give back to the amazing hospital staff who care for his daughter Ottie. Ottie was born 10 weeks premature, weighing less than 3lbs and with two rare genetic conditions that affect both her bones and her heart. When Rupert decided to donate the fees from his next workshop to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, it made him wonder about all the wonderful things that could happen if only more businesses chose to give through their work. Read more here, how it works for businesses here, FAQs here and find the Invest in ME Research page here.

Best Christmas Wishes to Ottie, Rupert and all involved at Work for Good.

Please spread word of this opportunity and the kind matching donations offer to any businesses you may know. Let’s #DoGoodatChristmas!

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research!

P.S. Don’t forget the PayPal Matching Donations on Giving Tuesday starts just after midnight tonight so be quick to hit the donate button before the max £50,000 for all charities is reached.

2 for 1 Matching Donations Offer

2 for 1 Matching Donations Offer


A generous friend of Team Let’s Do It for ME, who wishes to remain anonymous, has kindly offered to match donations to the Invest in ME Research Christmas/New Year Funding Appeal on a two for one basis.

Every £1 donated will be matched by our anonymous benefactor with a £2 donation up to a maximum of £1000 in donations = £2000 from Anon.

We’re using a JustGiving page created by Richard Kayes for this kind offer:

Please share widely.


2 for 1 Matching Offer – Donate Here

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research!

£500 matching donations period for Movember 2017!

For this “Movember” for men’s health we have a matching donations period of up to £500! Plus I’ve included a couple of links to some interesting recent research projects which suggest gender differences in ME/CFS.

For those of you who haven’t heard of “Nomenbar for ME” it is LDIFME’s take on “Movember” awareness raising month for men’s health.

It’s true, in common with many other autoimmune diseases, that ME is more common among women than men with an approximate ratio of 4:1.  However men of all ages, races and types still suffer from it.

Do men and women suffer from different phenotypes of the disease? Researchers at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona recently tried to find out by comparing the characteristics of 1309 consecutive ME/CFS patients (Fukuda-defined). Of the 1309 patients, 119 (9.1%) were men and 1190 (90.9%) were women. The researchers found a number of significant differences between the sexes in a variety of clinical and demographic factors such as but not limited to; age of diagnosis, symptoms and coexisting conditions. It’s still impossible to say from just one such simple study whether this suggests specific phenotypes but, as the authors say, as ME is best seen as a neuro-inflammatory process and there are neuro-immune differences between the sexes it’s quite possible. Read more.

There has also been interesting findings regarding energy metabolism. It’s been proven that all ME sufferers suffer from problems with their Cytric acid cycle; basically the body’s ability to gain energy from carbohydrates. Instead it makes energy from different, lower yielding sources of energy. However it seems there’s a sex difference here too; Øystein Fluge of Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway, and his colleagues studied amino acids in 200 people with CFS, and 102 people without it. The levels of some amino acids in the blood of women with CFS was abnormally low – specifically for the types of amino acid that can be used by the body as an alternative fuel source.These shortfalls were not seen in men with CFS, but that could be because men tend to extract amino acids for energy from their muscles, instead of their blood. And the team saw higher levels of an amino acid that’s a sign of such a process.” It seems that both male and female CFS patients may have the same obstruction in carbohydrate metabolism to energy, but they may try to compensate differently,” says Fluge. Both sexes had high levels of several enzymes known to suppress pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH), an enzyme vital for moving carbohydrates and sugars into a cell’s mitochondria – a key step for fully exploiting sugar for energy. Read more.

As usual we are inviting “guest blogs” this month from men with ME telling their story. Email us at or contact us via Facebook or Twitter if you want to participate

Visit our main Movember blog including links to all the guest blogs since 2015

Visit this year’s JustGiving page solely dedicated to Movember. Remember there is a £500 matching donations period so help us reach our target to raise more for IiMER! Donations can also be made offline but please state when donating offline if it’s specifically for Movember for men’s health

Thank you for your support!

January updates

Happy new year everyone!

Here at LDIFME we’re all hoping you’re all managing to enjoy some of the festive season this year. In these January updates I’ll be finishing off rounding up last years news and giving you a passing idea of some of the plans IiMER has for 2017. This the last monthly post we’ll be doing as we have plans for change for the LDIFME blog – wait, see and tell us what you think!



The same friend of Geoff Allan who held the Matching Movember offer has also offered to match the amounts raised by Jane Hurst’s last card sale (£186) and Amy Bakewell’s card sale/collection tin totals aswell. This makes his final total donation (with a bit of rounding up) £1,900! That’s £2,375 with Gift Aid! Thank you so much to Geoff Allens friend from IiMER for everything you’ve done this year and also everyone who participated in his fundraising




Sally Hogarth ran the Guys road race, in support of her friend Hayley who has ME, and raised £265.00



After completing the Great Birmingham Run our gem, Gemma Warren, decided just one half marathon this year just wasn’t enough so she has now run the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon as well. Afterwards she said “Made it round the MK Winter Half Marathon with the help of my brother-in-law. My favourite bit, running through the calf deep flood! There’s still time to sponsor me for Invest in ME Research 🙂




As a thank you to superstar Mike Harley who is doing a fantastic job raising funds and awareness with his Mike’s EU Marathons. Donation made thanks to earning £31.50 plus gift aid with TopCashback just for using U-Switch when I changed energy provider in November. My dear wife can’t understand why more folks don’t use it 🙁

To sign up to TopCashBack yourself and raise £20 whiles doing so visit




Stu Nimmo completed climbing Machu Pichu. Big thanks to Stu Nimmo for everything he’s done in fundraising for IiMER




The Tredwells held a 24 hour sponsored bounce at the Mill Bay. Staff took part, customers were also invited to have a go and Shannon Tredwell & Osiris Butcher continued throughout the night until the morning. Afterwards Shannon Treadwell wrote “So happy to say me & Osiris have finally finished the 24 hour bounce.Considering I was crying after just 3 hours I honestly have no idea how we made it 😂 but some how we just did💪🏼 Thank you so much for all the messages, support & sponsors we got, it means a lot to us.Altogether we have raised £352 for M.E

Diane cramp has set up a new justgiving page

IiMER now has a profile on BT mydonate. Create a page, sponsor a fundraiser or simply donate




We are pleased to announce that Dr Øystein Fluge and his team from Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, Norway, will be giving a public lecture in Norwich on 26th January 2017.




Registration for the 12th IiME International ME conference is now open. The venue for the conference is One Great George Street, London, England SW1P 3AA . The closed colloquium is due to be held between 31st of May-1st of June with the public conference on 2nd of June.  For more details click here



Matching Movember Offer



A very generous friend of our very own super supporter and severe ME sufferer, Geoff Allen, has kindly offered to match the first £1500.00 donated to the following justgiving page .

Geoff himself is a severe sufferer yet is generous with his own donations and limited energy in support of Invest in ME Research (and the 25% group) as many of you who have carried out events in support of IiME will already know.

So let’s take full advantage of this generous offer 🙂

You can also donate via text
Text GMMO78 (£1 to £10) to 70070
E.g. GMMO78 £5

Don’t forget the space after 78 and to add gift aid if you are a U.K. tax payer.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page.
UPDATE – You smashed it and Geoff’s amazing friend also matched –
£186 in cards sales by Jane Hurst
£150 in card sales and donation tin by Amy Bakewell
With wonderful friends like yours, together we will find a cure!