The £1 Challenge for Invest in ME Research

We’ve set a new text donations fundraising challenge ending 31st March 2019.

This is the date that all JustTextGiving codes will be deactivated as JustGiving is ending its partnership with Vodafone.

The challenge is for as many people as possible to donate just £1 to Invest in ME Research adding up to a lot of money for the charity’s Biomedical Research Fund to establish medical tests and treatments for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

We’re using the JustTextGiving code APFR99 for this challenge.

This text code is linked to our One Day – One Pound JustGiving page.

The text option is UK only but anyone may donate via the JustGiving website from a minimum of £2 (to £100,000!):

The total raised on the JustGiving page is currently over £7,000 (including text donations) so we’ve set an ambitious target of £10,000 to be reached by the time JustGiving deactivates the text codes on 31st March.

Let’s see if we can do it for ME!

Please share widely as every £1 brings us closer to a cure.

If you’re on Facebook we’ve created event pages for 1st February and 1st March but donations are welcome on any day until the end of March for this fundraiser.


Best Wishes for 2019 everyone and thank you for your support!

July FUNdraising tips 

“Follow that bear”, raise a bit of bling with your summer “Cordon Blue”, learn how to raise money with TopCashBack and discover the all new superbear from The little embroidery studio this July.

Follow the antics of our volunteer IiMER bear as he works hard to raise funds for research into ME. Pizza-loving, hardworking, and all-round awesome bear! (You may already be acquainted with him from his fundraising totals updates pics).

Follow him on instagram or twitter

He’s sure to keep you bearly amused!

Add a touch of Cordon blue to your picnics, BBQs and other outdoor dinner functions this summer. Invite friends round, dress up as smurfs, shake up some blue cocktails, add a touch of blue seasoning to the food and most importantly, enjoy! Tell friends about IiMER’s vital work and ask for donations! Visit Cordon Blue for ME on Facebook for inspiration, ideas and banter!

Bears are going barmy for IiMER ATM! The little embroidery studio have created a brand new superbear and they’re donating ALL the proceeds from each bear sold, to a charity very close to their hearts – Invest in ME. That’s a fab £25 donation for each bear sold!!!

Just to prove to Paul he hasn’t been forgotten- is the UK’s most generous cashback website and is recommended by Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert. Sign-up via our Tell-a-Friend link and TopCashback will make an extra donation to Invest in ME via Let’s Do It for ME co-founder Paul Kayes. You then get to choose whether to receive all of the money in your account yourself or opt to donate all, or a percentage of it. There is also a mobile app – learn more and download the app here. Start raising money now by signing-up. There will be a banner stating you have been referred by ‘Paulk22’.

Remember the “One day, one pound” scheme. Unfortunately only donations from £2 can be made via this link but you can donate via justTextgiving by texting APFR99 £1 to 70070 (UK). Every pound helps!

Makayla Walks with the Animals for Invest in ME

Struck by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) at 8 years of age, 12 year old Makayla Nunn has embarked on her second year of raising awareness and funds for Invest in ME (Research). Makayla’s extraordinary efforts to support the charity in 2015 placed her in the top 3% of JustGiving fundraisers, as reported by the Weston Mercury last month and noticed by John Penrose, making the MP for Weston-super-Mare proud.


Makayla was pictured at Priory Community School, holding Let’s Do It for ME Bear and the T-shirt, featuring some names of supporters and fellow ME sufferers, specially designed for her May 2015 Horse Walk for Invest in ME.


After an excellent start to secondary school on reduced hours in September, Makayla’s mother Michelle Nunn said that Priory Community School deserves recognition as a model of good practice for support of children with ME.

Makayla won a Student of the Week Award, “Making her MORE POWERFUL THAN A MIGHTY STEAM TRAIN” according to actor Jon Campling. When Makayla was too ill to undertake any exertion other than watching films she had seen before, her favourite was Harry Potter, so imagine how delightful to be encouraged by a Death Eater!

Actor Jon Campling
Actor Jon Campling

Jon Campling described the picture Makayla painted and auctioned for Invest in ME last year as AMAZING. Art was another activity Makayla was unable to do during her worse phase of illness, so she went wonderfully wild with her colourful zebra, very apt in support of a charity leading the field in organising and funding cutting edge research for tests and treatments for the illness that “cruelly crashed” her fun loving young world.

Makayla’s efforts have also been kindly noted on Twitter by journalist and TV presenter Matthew Wright, and actress Linda Robson.


If you would like a zebra picture personalised with your name to share online as a thank you for your support of Makayla’s 2016 awareness & fundraising for the charity Invest in ME Research, please contact Michelle Nunn. You can find Makayla’s Fundraising for ME on Facebook, follow Michelle Nunn on Twitter, sponsor Makayla on JustGiving or text WFME76 (£1-£5 or £10) to 70070.

Following on from her successful Horse Walk for ME 2015, Makayla plans a number of walks with different animals this year, starting with .. an Alpaca!
Move over Doctor Dolittle .. here comes little Miss Doalot!


To read all about Makayla’s ME Awareness & Fundraising for Invest in ME 2015 see Second to Nunn and Makayla & Mummy

To adopt a Let’s Do It for ME Bear visit our shop on Spreadshirt.

Big thanks to this little girl & everyone supporting!


Prince Among Men for Invest in ME Research

Glen Prince Does Movember for  Invest in ME Research
Glen Prince Does Movember for
Invest in ME Research

Glen Prince wrote:

“I decided to do Movember properly this year, for charity rather than just for fun. I’m asking my lovely friends to please donate to research into ME, a condition much overlooked and in some countries denied….but the tide is turning little by little. Please text a donation using the code MFME77 followed by the amount
(£1-£5…or £10) to 70070. Thank you.”

The text donations add to the total raised on this JustGiving –

Big thanks to Glen and everyone supporting Invest in ME Research!

See our Movember intro here –

My M. E. Story by Ronan Lavin

Ronan & Nicola Lavin
Ronan & Nicola Lavin

Alright lads I “moustache” ye a question. I am doing Movember for Invest in M.E. and anything ye can muster up to help “shave” some lives would be greatly appreciated. Follow the link below to donate what ye can On a serious note my wife suffers from this and it is getting worse. Millions of people around the world suffer from this and chances are you know or are related to someone who has this terrible illness. Funds are desperately needed for research. Thanks for your support. I’ll update ye with a pic in about a week when I have it grown.

I met my wife Nicola about 6 years ago and fell for her instantly. She is fun smart and beautiful but later into the relationship something happened. My wife had her son Aaron 14 years ago and after the birth she wasn’t the same. She developed postpartum cardiomyopathy and everything changed for her after that she never got back to the way she was. But it got worse when some years later she went for routine operation and since then her M.E. has become worse.

It is so hard to see your loved one go through such hard times and not being able to do anything to help, this is extremely upsetting and it makes you feel so useless. My wife has been having to spend more and more time away from work which is also tough financially. This is so hard for her as she absolutely loves her job and is extremely hard working. Despite all of this she has not ceased to amaze me. I am so proud of her to see that despite having an illness that is really debilitating and has such a stigma attached to it she pulls through. She is the strongest person I have ever come across. She was able to raise over 1.5 million dollars for M.E. research with the Chilli M.E. Challenge and this is still growing. To find out more about M.E. see her Chilli M.E. Challenge intro video.

The researchers in USA and Australia supported by the Chilli M.E. Challenge are all involved in the Invest in ME International Conference & Biomedical Researchers into ME Colloquium and workshops. We live in Ireland and the Irish ME Trust is kindly donating Irish Chilli M.E. Challenge donations to Invest in ME Biomedical Research Funds. Both charities are members of the European ME Alliance of like-minded organisations intent on moving things on for people with M.E. This year the European ME Alliance joined the European Federation of Neurological Associations and also formed a European ME Research Group. They get no government funding so all this work in UK, Ireland, and the other EMEA countries is funded by donations, so please do what you can to raise awareness and funds to keep this vital work going on the fastest track and help millions of people get their lives back.

Aaron, Nicola, Ronan
Aaron, Nicola, Ronan

Donate to support Movember for M.E. at