Halloween Special

Invest in ME Research and supporters have been dreadfully busy!


Death Eater actor Jon Campling has been doing more hair-raising charity collections for Invest in ME Research Funds!


Halloween specials below by Lynne Allan at ME2UDezignz

FREE DELIVERY of Cards 4 Invest in ME ends at the witching hour midnight 31st October!


Dr. Jo Cambridge (UCL expert leading the IiMER B-cell research) presented at an international conference organised by European ME Alliance Swedish member organisation RME and is pictured (centre) wearing some scarily wild socks! Jo’s PhD student colleague Fane Mensah has been in Florida to give a poster presentation at the International Association for CFS/ME (IACFS/ME) Fort Lauderdale Conference thanks to a travel grant from US org. Solve ME/CFS, and reinforcing fantastic international support for the IiMER Centre of Excellence! Check out the news and fab photos here and here.

A timely reminder of The ME/CFS Ghost

Hide behind the sofa to watch this Scary Bear video by Karen Morris of www.justgiving.com/isupportmeresearch

Don’t have nightmares! Howling thanks for your support!


Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of Invest in ME


May 2016 marks 10 years since Invest in ME registered in UK as a charity for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. No time (or funds) to spare
for celebration as this small band of dedicated volunteers continue their extraordinary efforts leading up to their 11th international Invest in ME
conference & 6th international Biomedical Researchers into ME Colloquium held over the first three days of June. We supporters noted ..

Ten highlights from ten years of work by Invest in ME ..

* Registered in 2006 as a charity intent on changing the way that ME is perceived and treated by medics, politics and media, through campaigning for biomedical research.

* Produce numerous resources for information and education on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (neurological disorder WHO at ICD-10 G93.3).

* Provide education and training opportunities for medical and PhD students to support the next generation of doctors and researchers.

* Make detailed submissions with practical recommendations to governments in UK, Europe, other countries, most recently the USA National Institutes of Health and Institute of Medicine.

* Co-founded the European ME Alliance of like-minded patient organisations, currently 15 in 13 countries. EMEA joined the European Federation of Neurological Associations in 2015.

* Formed European ME Research Group as the European ME Alliance.

* Worked towards establishing a UK/European Centre of Excellence for ME, based at world-renowned Norwich Research Park, and with national/international collaboration.

* Embarked on a biomedical research strategy to establish tests & treatments for ME as part of the Centre of Excellence project, crowdfunded by the charity and their supporters.

* Their 11th annual international ME conference & 6th international biomedical researchers into ME colloquium held over 1st-3rd June.

* Invest in ME now also known as Invest in ME Research.

Want to join us in congratulating Invest in ME on their 10th anniversary?


Want to sponsor the work of Invest in ME?



Text IBRF33 £10 to 70070

Thank you for your support from the team at Let’s Do it for ME!


You may also like 10 Years of Biomedical Research – Invest in ME by Dr Leonard A Jason and Zachary Siegel, Centre for Community Research, Depaul University, Chicago, USA. Reprinted with kind permission at An Inspiration for the World.

See various ways supporters are marking this milestone in May Updates.