Running To Stand Still is a charitable audio play with original songs. The central theme is the illness ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). Aside from giving information about the disease, it revolves around how it affects relationships and a sufferer’s life. It is in aid of Invest in ME Research and all the professional creatives involved have graciously given their time for free for this production.

ME is an illness that is misunderstood and much-maligned in the eyes of the general public. This audio play aims to show the severity of the illness and the problems it causes for those around the sufferer. It’s serious, amusing, musical and enlightening in equal measures. For those with the illness, you should be able to empathise with this production. For those yet to be educated, you will surely sympathise when you listen to it.

The OFFSTAGE Theatre Group, in association with The Wireless Theatre Company, present this 60-minute original audio play with songs. It first toured around schools and colleges many moons ago, as well as being performed at an international conference about the illness it aims to raise awareness of (myalgic encephalomyelitis). It also had the distinction of being the first play to be broadcast on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

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With thanks to Barnaby Eaton-Jones and all involved in creating this play and raising much needed awareness and vital funds for Invest in ME Research.

Also by Barnaby Eaton-Jones in support of Invest in ME Research…


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