Nature Photocards by Jane Hurst

This is Pack 1 and Pack 2 of our popular photocards. All photos were taken by friends and family, all of whom who either have ME or have a family member who has it. The cards are printed on quality card and make perfect gifts. They are sold in aid of Invest In ME and The 25% ME Group.

Pack 1 and Pack 2 on display
Pack 1 and Pack 2 on display

Nature Photocards Pack 1


Nature Photocards Pack 2

View the details for each pack on Facebook here – Pack 1, Pack 2.

Cost is £3.99 per pack or £1.25 each. Postage is 80p per pack (2-3 packs: £1.60.) You can pay by Paypal or cheque, so if you’d like to order please just PM me on Facebook.
ME is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a serious neurological illness. It affects around 240,000 people in the UK alone. ME is a potentially severe, disabling and chronic condition affecting the immune and central nervous system, and varies greatly in its severity and duration. Symptoms include incapacitating exhaustion after even the slightest activity together with malaise, nausea, disturbances of major body systems: guts, bladder, heart, respiratory and balance – and painful muscles and joints, severe neuropathic pain & light and noise intolerance. V severely affected sufferers can experience paralysis & some are even too ill to feed themselves. We hope if more research is carried out, a cure or at least an effective treatment can be found for this devastating illness.
Thanks 🙂
Jane Hurst