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Invest in ME Research London Conference Week May 2020

For the 15th consecutive year, May ME Awareness Month will draw to a close with Invest in ME Research international ME Conference Week.

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To support medical education and wider awareness, please inform your doctor and anyone you think needs to know about current biomedical research and healthcare. At least then they will be informed even if they can’t attend and they can also watch the CPD-accredited conference presentations online.

Medical Doctor commenting on Invest in ME Research Conference

Conference Day (30 May 2020) is open to anyone interested; patients able to attend, carers, healthcare and other public service professionals, political representatives, journalists etc.

This is by pre-paid ticket only (not on the door on the day) and the price is heavily subsidised by the charity. The conference attracts delegates from four continents and from over 20 countries.

There are sponsorship opportunities.

Lunch at 14th Invest in ME Research Conference May 2019

Rest assured, IiMER Bear ensures events go to plan!

Thinking the Future (27 May 2020) and the Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium (28-29 May 2020) are closed meetings for the researchers, but it may help any professionals involved in your or your child’s care, your MP as well as family and carers, to be aware that ME science is progressing and consequently informing medical education with productive international collaboration. These events have now established a core working group of researchers and facilitated many new collaborations – which was the intention of the meetings.

Professor Ron Davis 14th Invest in ME Research Conference May 2019

The networking that continues at the Invest in ME Research conferences allows other developments to occur long after the conference itself has finished – not just in the UK but also in other countries.

A recent example is the second Thinking The Future conference for early career researchers held April 2019 by NIH in Washington and organised by Dr. Vicky Whittemore and Dr. Andrew Breeden in collaboration with Invest in ME Research, following from the first Thinking the Future in London May 2018.

There is also a pre-conference evening dinner with presentation.

2019 is the first year that Invest in ME Research posted the conference presentations (and pre-conference dinner speech) online instead of DVD. You can find them all here along with the Conference Report.

May 2019 IIMEC14 Presentions Online


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