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Makayla and Michelle Nunn

Makayla and Mummy

Michelle Nunn wrote:

At the age of just 8 being told you have ME must be awful, you’re told how you have to change your life, schooling etc. etc, it’s bad enough that you’re not well enough to play with your friends this is not what childhood is about!!!. But yet this brave amazing little girl has never complained or given up hope. Three and a half years later she’s still holding on to this hope that one day. So to make that one day real for her and so many others she’s set about raising money for IiME Charity by taking part in a sponsored horse walk. Please sponsor this brave little girl in her challenge even if its a £1 its £1 close to that hope for her and so many.  Thank you a very proud Mummy. 

Having a child with this illness is nearly as isolating as a adult with this illness.  You lose so many friends as they just don’t get it, yet the support we have been shown by everyone re her sponsored walk has been amazing. Seeing her face when I tell her someone we don’t know has sponsored her is priceless.  She smashed her £150 target and now she wants to get to the £1000 – please help her no matter how small it still brings a massive smile to her face.  Thank you all.

Makayla Nunn

Makayla’s story:

At the young age of 8, I was diagnosed with the debilitating illness ME.

This illness had changed so much of my young life, turning my world upside down. Yet I have never given up HOPE.

I would like to join others in a sponsored horse walk on the 10th May 2015.

I suffer with exhaustion and pain so this is not going to be easy for me but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please show me your support and give me HOPE that I can do this.

Text WFME55 £1 (or £2/£5/£10) to 70070 or see Makayla’s Horse Walk on JustGiving


Created by Michelle Nunn

Would you like one of these delightful teddy bear pictures with your name on it to show your support for ME Awareness? Just let Michelle know when you donate to Makayla’s Horse Walk and she will send it to your inbox.  You can contact her via this post in Invest in ME Facebook –


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