May ME Awareness Month

Scroll page for options to join in or support awareness and fundraising for the charity Invest in ME Research during May 2019. Please feel welcome to contact us and watch this space for updates.

International ME Awareness Day on May 12th coincides with International Nurses Day as it was chosen by its originator, our friend, the late Thomas Hennessy Jr, to fall on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who suffered for much of her life from an illness resembling ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). ME was first defined by Dr. Melvin Ramsay following an outbreak at the London Royal Free Hospital in July 1955. Similar cases and epidemics have been recorded since 1934 and ME has been known by many other names, including atypical polio. ME has been classified by the World Health Organisation as neurological since 1969, along with post-viral fatigue syndrome, and more recently chronic fatigue syndrome (WHO ICD-10 G93.3 / WHO ICD-11 8E49). ME is a multisystem disease involving muscle, brain, spinal cord, and dysfunction of immune, gastro-intestinal, endocrine, and cardiac systems. For more about ME see IiMER Awareness Leaflet and FAQs about ME.

Let’s Do It for ME is a patient-driven campaign supporting the work of the charity Invest in ME Research and helping to raise funds for the biomedical research of their UK Centre of Excellence for ME initiative.

We want tests to enable accurate diagnosis and effective medical treatments established for this dreadful disease.

Our crowdfunding enabled the Centre of Excellence biomedical research projects to commence in 2013 and the ongoing efforts were noted by MPs in recent Parliamentary debates on ME treatment and research.

Let’s Do It for ME awareness and fundraising is fully inclusive of age and illness severity, from the most severely ill supported by carers, to fit and healthy friends and family, our wonderful willing wellies!

We’ve had sponsored silences, screen-free weekends, readathons, sleepathons, through to some pretty extreme challenges, such as Mike Shepherd’s North Pole Marathon. You name it and Invest in ME Research supporters have probably done it!

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To support our awareness you can also buy a range of products with the Let’s Do It for ME and other logos and slogans from our online shops with 100% seller profit paid directly to Invest in ME Research.

Please email Invest in ME Research directly at for help with other awareness and fundraising aids, such as the charity’s T-shirts, wristbands, info materials, collection boxes etc.

Fundraisers can create pages for Invest in ME Research on these platforms


Special dates for May include renowned international Invest in ME Research Conference Week: Thinking the Future for Early Career Researchers 28th; Biomedical Researchers Colloquium 29-30th; ME Conference 31st; and Black Dress Day 31st May.

Here’s to Happy May ME Awareness and Fundraising!

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research! 

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