March 2020

Let’s Do It for ME is run by patients supporting Invest in ME Research

March News and Updates

CLICK HERE for Invest in ME Research March 2020 Newsletter 📰

📢We have a matching donations offer of £700 which will be donated on Mike’s EU Marathons JustGiving page for Invest in ME Research when the total reaches £22,308.00! Thanks so much to Mike and his generous supporters!
Mike’s EU Marathons raises awareness of the plight of ME sufferers across Europe as well as much needed funds for biomedical research into this disease.
Invest in ME Research is founder member of the European ME Alliance initiating the European ME Research Group and European ME Clinicians Council.

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All profit to Invest in ME Research.

Contest closed 20th March. Thank you all for nominating Invest in ME Research and to Allied-Mobility for this chance to win £3,000!

Updated Executive Summary for GPs and others is available in pdf on Invest in ME Research Centre of Excellence for ME webpage.