Lucy’s Forgetmenot Quilt Raffle

1c5b78f1-9055-470b-847a-1e38c4d8c35a By Lucy Macdonald

I am raffling this handmade lap quilt for Invest in ME because funds are needed for important research into M.E.

This lap quilt (58″ square/157cm square) was made with love to raise funds for research into the chronic illness Myalgic Encephamyolitis (M.E.). I have suffered this illness for over twenty two years now in varying degrees. It was only in my better days that I was able to make this quilt. It is heavily machine quilted with a impromptu feather and flower design. It also bears the blue ribbon logo which is worn in awareness of M.E. The materials used are cotton fabric for the front, back and all threads. The wadding is polyester. This quilt was made in a house where cats and a dog reside but I have made sure the quilt is thoroughly clean before posting to the happy winner of the raffle.

£1 per ticket…raffle drawn on 11th Aug 2016

The code to donate by text to 70070 is: LFQR67 £1 or any amount, it’s £1 per entry. If you donate by text please contact me via email so I can issue you with raffle number/s.

I will notify you of your raffle ticket number when I see your donation to my JustGiving page. If you prefer to remain anonymous on this donation page please contact me via email or other messaging site if you know me with the amount donated immediately after donating so that I can issue you with a raffle number/s.

I will contact you as soon as I can after the raffle has been drawn on 11th August 2016. Lucy’s Forgetmenot Quilt Raffle –

Thank you for your support!