Happy New Year!

A wonderful reminder of what truly amazing people you are as we look forward to 2017 and reflect on another 12 months of progress over the 10th year since Invest in ME, now also registered as Invest in ME Research (IiMER), began as a charity with great vision and determination to change the barren landscape of research and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and set out to work with like-minded people and organisations across the globe.

IiMER is an independent charity run entirely by volunteers. They have no paid staff, no income from government funds or membership fees.

This means that your donations, fundraising, philanthropy, and any support you give, is especially vital to enable the work of the charity; including their translational biomedical research, aiming to establish diagnostic tests and treatments for this serious and life-threatening disease.

So we are immensely grateful for another year of amazing efforts by fellow IiMER supporters of all ages; ranging from fabulous, fit and willing wellies going to the ends of the earth, walking, running, climbing, swimming, jumping, skydiving, tennisathons, bounceathons, creating videos, doing sales and charity collections, organising a dazzling host of successful events, giving up treats and donating the money saved to IiMER; to the most severely ill among us, using all their creativity and ingenuity as effective undercover agents for change.

Here are quick links below to the monthly summaries of fundraisers and research updates throughout 2016…

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January 2016
January 2016

Our Professor Bear counted up the end of 2016 totals for the gut microbiota and B cells/rituximab research to a whooping £681,000! Happy New Year everyone! Let’s keep doing it for ME!