Fundraisers 2019

Supporters can create or sponsor fundraising pages for Invest in ME Research on these fundraising platforms


See the charity’s Fundraising Aids for T-shirts, wristbands, info materials, collection boxes and if you are also collecting money offline, you can download forms for sponsorship or Gift Aid for UK tax-payers.

Thanks to everyone supporting Invest in ME Research!

Ben's EAMS Marathon
Karen's Pic-A-Day
Jen's Christmas
Five Portions Of
Jacqui's Birthday
Chris's Birthday
Team Catherine's 10k
Susanna's Christmas Garlands
Emma's 2020 Calendar
Hay's Birthday Fundraiser
Squirrel Woods
Mama's Christmas Design
Sylvia's Christmas
Jane's Nature Cards
Jon's Birthday
Mid Essex Man Auction
Lauren's Birthday
Chris and Jodie's Movember
Dawn's Recycle for Charity
Mike's Porto Mara
Jen's Spooktacular
Jane's Birthday
Becca's Birthday
Donna's Birthday
Healthy Parents Group
Julie's Birthday
Laura's Knit-a-long
Inter-Company Fantasy Football League
Team Manon Royal Parks Half
Kwende's Bournemouth Mara
Claire's Royal Parks Half
Ben's Bucharest Mara
Mike's Bucharest Mara
Royal Parks Half Marathon
Sonya's Birthday
Jon Campling's #WalkTall4ME
Jen's Scooby Doo Dress for ME
Kate's Car Show Collections
Shannon's Tough Mudder
Mike's World Marathon 2021
Philip's Great North Run
Mountains for Maddie
Julian's Birthday
Diane's Birthday
Jayne's Birthday
For Jan's Birthday
Team Lunn's 5km Walk
Jen's Dad's 80th Birthday
Rachel's Birthday
Yoxford Open Gardens
Jen's Birthday Fundraiser
Linda's Birthday Fundraiser
Jon Campling's YorkUnleashed
Georgina & Phoebe's Kayaking
Steve's Cleveland Steelman
Jenny's Birthday Surprise
Ben's More Than a Marathon
Arry's Mountain Mayhem
Pauline's Bracelet Sales
Carding Lab's Floral Shirt Day
Ali's Birthday Fundraiser
Krystal's Birthday Fundraiser
Martin's Thames Kayak Challenge
Sabine's Garden Party
Valerie's Book Launch
Jon Campling's DublinWizardCon
Amanda's Swim for ME
Charlie's Twilight Colourthon 2019
Eloise's Birthday Fundraiser
Geoff's Birthday Fundraiser
Jen's R2 D2
John's Walk for ME
Northrop Family Marathon
Sally's Garden Party
Lesley's Birthday Fundraiser
Matt's St Albans Half
Michelle's Cream Tea
Paul's 2mile Swim for ME
Lynne's Birthday Fundraiser
Wendy's Charity Concert
Ben's Portadown Marathon
Eleanor's Message
Middlesborough Council's Awareness
Stewart's Walk for Jo Bear
Ian's Memory Walk for Sarah
New Book of Poems
Stephy's 5km Walk
May Issue Nova Magazine
John's Edinburgh Half
Linda's Couch to 5k
Lizzie and Kenzo's 31 Walkies
Remnant Family Swim for ME
Mike's Riga Marathon
Mandy's Walk for ME 2019
Caroline's Walk for Thomas
Catherine's 60th Birthday Swim
Lauren's Family Walk
Pets Walkies for ME
Clare's Walk for ME
Tamzin's Swim a Mile in May
Jessica's Dad's Swim for ME
Sally's Swim a mile for ME
Beth's Swim a Mile
Ben's Belfast Marathon
Audrey Hepburn's Birthday
Steve's London Marathon
John's Great Sterling Half
Jimmy's London Marathon
Tony's Birthday Fundraiser
John's Livingston Half
Jon's IGFestUK
The White Hart Easter Raffle
Carol's Birthday Fundraiser
Callum's Manchester Mara
Mike's Bratislava Marathon
Steve's Manchester Mara
Jen's The Matrix Anniversary
Alison's Birthday
Jan's Birthday
Jen's St. Patrick's Day
Claire's Birthday
Mike's Paphos Marathon
Matt's Birthday
Sue's Birthday fundraiser
Bryony's Swim Challenge
Jen's Chocolate Souffle Day
Jen's Oscars
Karen's Valentines Gig
Jen's Hit Girl Dress for ME
Kerryn's Birthday
Health Games Contest
Happy Birthday Ellen DeGeneres
Mike's Gloucester Half
Rebecca's Birthday
Elisabeth's Birthday
Text £1 Challenge
New Year Funding Appeal
Karen's Pic-A-Day
Jon's Walk Tall 4 ME
Bill's Fantasy Football League
Lisa's Losing It for ME
Laura's Knit-a-long
Jan's This and That
Lynne's Fundraising
Karen's Fundraising
In Her Name
Tredwell Family Fundraising
Dress for ME
The Caged Bird

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research!