First Paper Published from IIME-funded Research

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The first paper from Invest in ME-funded research has been published. This B-cell study was recommended by Invest in ME Research Advisor, Professor Jonathan Edwards, as part of the preliminary lab work prior to a UK clinical trial of B-cell depletion therapy (rituximab). It is an important step towards implementing the charity’s strategy of biomedical research and establishing a Centre of Excellence for ME research and treatment. An achievement that could not have happened without great supporters finding innovative ways to crowdfund, often with very limited physical and cognitive function – so thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far.


‘Extended B cell phenotype in patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: a cross-sectional study’ has been published in an early view of the journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology. Preview link – here. An abstract – here.

When sharing the paper to their Facebook group IiME added:

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“This is the first study in ME that used extended B cell surface markers and they tentatively found subgroups on the basis of B cell phenotype and illness duration. This work continues and is being done in close collaboration with the Norwegian researchers (in line with IiME’s ethos of international collaboration in research) to make the best use of resources and patient benefit.

We have asked the team to give a lay summary.”


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The amount raised for this research sits at £476,000 and our current goal is £520,000. Fundraising is still very much on-going and much needed. We hope the progress being made will help spread awareness of this research and inspire more fundraising events – do you know a willing wellie (well person) who is looking for a charity to support in an upcoming sponsored event? Let them know about us and how much fundraising for Invest in ME would mean to you.

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