Femi’s Walk for ME

By Kelly Sowande

My 11 year old daughter, Femi, will be taking part in the Walk for ME 2016 fundraising event. She will be walking around our village of Bridstow in a circular route for a total of 3 “laps” during half term at the end of May.

Femi decided that she really wanted to take part as soon as she heard about the event. She was super excited to set up her Just Giving page and even more excited when she saw her first donations coming in!

Both myself and her older brother have ME. We both developed the illness shortly after she was born, so she has only ever known a life where ME has been involved.

Not only has she seen the impact of this illness on myself and her brother, we are both mostly bedbound/housebound, but the consequences of the illness on family life. Life has been far from normal for all of us and for Femi the everyday events like a trip to the park or having a friend round for tea only ever happen rarely, but they are something she really appreciates when they do take place!!! I feel she has coped with it all really well and is growing up into a very loving and caring young girl who appreciates the little things in life.

Femi herself says:
“I am doing this walk for my brother and my mum beacause they both have ME and it changes daily life. I am happy I can help a little bit by doing this walk and rasing money for research to help them and others who have this illness”.

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