Can you stand the heat of the Chilli ME Challenge? Started by four girls from Ireland, UK and USA, the aim is to spread awareness and raise funds for biomedical research for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

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You’re nominated to raise awareness and biomedical research funds for ME!

The Chilli ME Challenge:

  1. Eat spicy pepper or hot sauce (have milk ready)
  2. Film your funny REACTION (don’t cut off the reaction!)
  3. Dedicate it to an ME sufferer
  4. Nominate others
  5. Upload video on social media using hash tag ‪#‎chilliMEchallenge
  6. To donate to Invest in ME Research


On September 4th 2015, Professor Simon Carding and his research group at the Institute of Food Research took on their version of the Chilli ME Challenge, by eating increasingly hot chillis, including the record breaking Carolina Reaper.

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The Institute of Food Research has a few tips that might help you stand the heat of the Chilli ME Challenge. Read about it here –

Find out about the research into ME being conducted at IFR and UEA, and the future phases of this research we are currently fundraising for, here – The Foundation Research Project.


More videos

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More about the challenge and how it came about at  Also visit their YouTube channel.

Latest videos here #chilliMEchallenge.  Twitter @MECFS_challenge.

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Can you stand the heat of the #chilliMEchallenge? via @LetsDoIt4ME
#MEcfs #MyalgicE

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