Phoebe & Georgina’s Sponsored Kayak!

By Georgina & Phoebe

Even a live Second World War grenade  couldn’t stop us! 

On Sunday the 28th of July we began our quest to conquer a 25 mile kayak to raise money for Invest In ME Research. This journey consisted of a very early start, a late end to our tiring day and a shed load of rain in between. We started at Little Haywood, near Rugeley with our team of many supportive helpers including one in a kayak too, who without them it wouldn’t have been possible. Our planned route was to follow the Trent & Mersey canal from here through 14 locks and all the way to Willington in Derbyshire 25 miles by canal.

After an hour and a half of non-stop rain Georgina began to feel the cold and we decided it would be the right decision to stop at the next lock to collect a vital and necessary dry jumper. Another hour or so passed and we were nearing Fradley where we knew we would be provided with hot food and supportive friends and family. 

After lunch we knew there was a long way to go but our friend’s banner gave us a helping boost of perseverance. The next 10 miles were rather tough, as we knew we still had a long way to go. As we neared Shobnall Marina we were instructed by police to leave the water as a live grenade had been discovered in the canal by a magnet fisherman. The canal was full of boats as it had been shut for sometime and soon the bomb disposal team were also in attendance! We decided the only option was to walk with the 3 kayaks along the main road to get back to the canal. But thankfully before we reached the road a kind family let us through their garden to get to the canal quicker. 

When we approached the last 4 miles of our trek it was encouraging to see many family members reminding us we could do it. However as time passed it became gradually harder as it was getting later and we were getting more tired.

We finally reached our destination where we were greeted by familiar faces and lots of support. We both were exhausted, proud and ready for a hot drink. We had completed 26.3 miles in total with an average speed of 2.7 mph. Everyone there was very supportive and donated generously. We would like to thank everyone who helped, donated and supported us as this is such an important yet small charity.

A huge well done and thank you to Phoebe and Georgina and everyone supporting and cheering on these two stars, undaunted by an unexploded grenade! The girls did a lot of training to lead up to this grueling challenge. They wrote on their fundraising page,

“We are two total novice 13 year olds taking on a huge challenge to kayak 25 miles in order to raise vital funds for biomedical research into ME. We are doing this after Georgina’s sister was hit with this horrid illness age just 14 and became very poorly. ME is a multi- system disease affecting not only the neurological system but also the immune , muscularskeletal, endocrine and cardio vascular. Its life changing in short with a quality of life generally worse than a person with end stage cancer.”

The girls have raised over £2,200 including Gift Aid thanks to their Wonderful sponsors! Wonderful is a fee-free fundraising platform so every penny donated will be spent on vitally-needed biomedical ME research:

Thank you Phoebe and Georgina for doing a Kayak for ME!

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research!

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Win My Golden Ticket

By Alison Orr



I’d like to create a team of Phoenix Traders all over the country who sell the cards and stationery solely to raise funds for UK charity Invest in ME!

You can become a trader by taking up the Friends and Family option for only £35, which gives you £70 worth of cards to sell, so you make your money back – and more!

You then can buy more stock or use your brochures to take orders in advance only and donate the extra to Invest in ME.

You can also have your own e-commerce website, just like, for a one-off fee of £25* and sell directly from there. You just need to spread the word.


If you’re first to join, you will be the lucky recipient of my Golden Ticket, and will then receive an additional £15 worth of cards to sell, FREE!

The ticket is valid only until 30 June 2016. UPDATE: Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning the Golden Ticket! Click here for another chance to win by 31st July 2016.

You don’t need to do this on a big scale, just, well, sell to your friends and family! It’s ideal for those of us who are housebound.

Once word gets around of the top quality and variety of the Phoenix range AND that it’s raising money for Invest in ME, they’ll all want to buy from you!

And if you sponsor someone you know who wants to do the same, then a percentage of their sales will also come to you for Invest in ME.

*If you sponsor within 14 days of joining, you’ll get your website free!

Of course, if you want to join Phoenix Trading to start your own business and make money for yourself you can do that too. As your sponsor, I will still get a percentage of your sales to donate to Invest in ME. So it’s win win all round!

Take up this challenge in time for the best selling Christmas season (which, believe it or not, is released in August) and see if you can get all your family to send Phoenix Christmas cards and support Invest in ME.

Message me at or email at if you’re interested and let’s get going! 🙂

(A big thank you to Alison Orr for doing this and to everyone joining or supporting. Customer feedback has been excellent. See more ways to raise funds for Invest in ME for free and while shopping online at Raise Funds for Free)