Black Dress Day for ME

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We would like to invite you to mark the end of ME Awareness Month
by joining us on the 31st of May for Black Dress Day for ME.
The aim is for better understanding of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and hopefully treatment and cure.

The Black Dress or Black Tie conjures up images of glamour, socialising or memories of a special occasion. By participating, you are connecting with those who suffer with ME, recognising that many will not be able to enjoy special occasions or tragically may no longer be with us.

Black Dress Day for ME was founded by Janet Smart.

ME stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a serious, disabling and chronic organic disorder, classified by the World Health Organisation (ICD-10 G93.3) as neurological.   FAQs About ME

Some sufferers may be able to work or socialise, but are constrained by post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion).

Others with severe ME are completely house- or bedbound and dependent upon carers for their everyday needs.  Many lie in quiet, darkened rooms because light, sound, even touch, is painful, some unable to move, speak or swallow and need to be fed by tube.  ME can be fatal. 

Black Dress Day for ME is in aid of Invest in ME Research, a charity run entirely by dedicated volunteers to change the way that ME is perceived and treated in the medical profession and media.

They are well on the way to establishing a UK Centre of Excellence for M.E. with a biomedical research strategy underway to establish diagnostic tests and medical treatments for this disease.

Their objective is to take us to a position where research into ME is conducted with urgency and treatments are developed so that all patients benefit and there is no need for a charity such as theirs to make things happen.

They can only achieve this with your support.

Whatever your age or gender, wear and share your Black Dress or Black Tie, steal a style or even design your own, and share to show you care. Help us celebrate the new era of biomedical research into ME. Looking forward to establishing tests, treatments, and hopefully, cure.

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If you can and wish to donate in support or be sponsored to take part.

Thank you for supporting Invest in ME Research!