Awareness Materials

Let’s Do It for ME is run by patients supporting the charity Invest in ME Research. You can also find various materials for information, education, and ME awareness on the charity’s own website.

Actor Jon Campling says: “Just like the condition the name may be daunting but with determination and lots of effort YOU can say… and we can beat it.”

Sharing Jon’s video is a fun way to raise awareness and challenge your friends.

Click here for awareness tracks, music videos, poems, exclusive designs, by music artist Mama Chill and under her pen name Runnin on Empty.

WE – a Community and ME
Invest in ME Research produced a booklet giving an overview of how ME affects a community.
Thanks to funding from an Awards for All grant the charity has been able to have a number of copies printed. You can view the pages here. Also in pdf.

The Matchstick Campaign for ME Awareness comprises a series of posters using striking and thought-provoking images with kind permission of artist Wolfgang Stiller, and a booklet, which is also available to view in pdf.

The Caged Bird’s life was changed forever when struck down by ME aged 11.  House/bedbound, she sings from her home to raise ME awareness and funds for Invest in ME research. Find her on YouTube: The Caged Bird Facebook: @HopeBehindGlass Twitter: @HopeBehindGlass Instagram: @hope_behind_glass

The Caged Bird also designed a series of posters for the Let’s Do It for ME campaign to help raise awareness of ME and funds for Invest in ME Research.

Science, Politics....and ME
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Executive Summary for MPs