New year, new opportunity- cards 4 Invest in ME


Alison Orr at Cards 4 invest in ME has a new offer available for those interested in joining her team in January 2017 as well as a range of 55 new products available for those interested in simply buying

For those not acquainted with Cards 4 IiME it is a online Phoenix company selling a beautiful range of cards and stationary. It was started in 2015 by Alison Orr, an ME sufferer herself, who says she started it by “A local trader was looking for others to join Phoenix trading and there was a very good offer on at the time – a free website, normally £25 at the time – it’s cheaper now. She also helped me raise the money I needed to join by getting orders from people in the ME community. It had to be done by a certain date and there was lots of support from the ME Facebook community and I raised enough money in time.

I had tried to raise money for Invest in ME in the past – selling craft items, shaving my head, organising a competition – and, when this Phoenix Trading offer came up, I thought I could sell the cards online and give the profit to Invest in ME. I’m not well enough to do card parties or stalls so it has to be online only.”

Around 30% of the proceeds from items sold goes towards IiMER. Alison Orr says she supports IiMER because “IiMER is the only campaigning ME charity I trust. Their goal is simple and clear and they don’t get involved in the endless politicking. I think the way they bring together the latest in research at their annual conferences is our greatest hope. Plus of course raising funding for translational research here in the UK



You can participate in supporting Cards 4 IiME in two ways – simply buying from the site (just look at all those gorgeous items on offer) or joining her team of online traders. A special offer for January 2017 includes; a Business Pack costing £200 and you will receive a free e-commerce website, 50 FREE full-sized cards and 3 FREE Gift Cards; a Starter Pack costing £75 and you will receive 22 FREE cards plus free e-commerce website; a Friends & Family Pack you will receive 11 FREE cards plus free e-commerce website costing £35.

If your looking for a job that you can do from home, working flexible hours at your own speed whilst earning good money this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Check out the website here for information on joining
Or email Alison Orr at

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