New year, new opportunity- cards 4 Invest in ME


Alison Orr at Cards 4 invest in ME has a new offer available for those interested in joining her team in January 2017 as well as a range of 55 new products available for those interested in simply buying

For those not acquainted with Cards 4 IiME it is a online Phoenix company selling a beautiful range of cards and stationary. It was started in 2015 by Alison Orr, an ME sufferer herself, who says she started it by “A local trader was looking for others to join Phoenix trading and there was a very good offer on at the time – a free website, normally £25 at the time – it’s cheaper now. She also helped me raise the money I needed to join by getting orders from people in the ME community. It had to be done by a certain date and there was lots of support from the ME Facebook community and I raised enough money in time.

I had tried to raise money for Invest in ME in the past – selling craft items, shaving my head, organising a competition – and, when this Phoenix Trading offer came up, I thought I could sell the cards online and give the profit to Invest in ME. I’m not well enough to do card parties or stalls so it has to be online only.”

Around 30% of the proceeds from items sold goes towards IiMER. Alison Orr says she supports IiMER because “IiMER is the only campaigning ME charity I trust. Their goal is simple and clear and they don’t get involved in the endless politicking. I think the way they bring together the latest in research at their annual conferences is our greatest hope. Plus of course raising funding for translational research here in the UK



You can participate in supporting Cards 4 IiME in two ways – simply buying from the site (just look at all those gorgeous items on offer) or joining her team of online traders. A special offer for January 2017 includes; a Business Pack costing £200 and you will receive a free e-commerce website, 50 FREE full-sized cards and 3 FREE Gift Cards; a Starter Pack costing £75 and you will receive 22 FREE cards plus free e-commerce website; a Friends & Family Pack you will receive 11 FREE cards plus free e-commerce website costing £35.

If your looking for a job that you can do from home, working flexible hours at your own speed whilst earning good money this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Check out the website here for information on joining
Or email Alison Orr at

Catherine’s Sponsored Haircut

Catherine Milsom is raising funds for Invest in ME Research
and donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust –
Catherine's hair cut

By Catherine Milsom –

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page. I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) in 2004 at the age of 19. A year later I became bedbound due to my symptoms becoming so severe and this situation continued for about 7 years. During this time I was unable to do anything for myself independently and had to rely heavily on my parents for care – even down to them feeding me liquidised meals. I was in too much pain and too fatigued to be able to eat solids or to feed myself. I lay in a darkened/silent room 24 hours a day, as light and noise made my many symptoms worse. Thankfully with rest, supplements and TLC from family, close friends and Carers my health has improved over the years. I am now housebound/bedbound and have a better quality of life although I still have a long way to go.

I really want to play my part in raising funds for research into this horrible illness, in the hope that one day they will find a cure so that others will not have to go through what we and many others have and still do endure.

So a while ago I decided to grow my hair and eventually be sponsored to have it cut and then donate it to The Little Princess Trust for them to use for a wig.

Yippee, my hair is finally long enough for me to achieve my goal! I will be able to donate about 14″.

With your help I would like to raise a £1,000 for Invest in ME Research.

Thank you very much for your support it means a great deal to me. Xx

Share Catherine’s story or donate at

Elizabeth’s 8″ Hair Cut for Invest in ME Research

Elizabeth Moon is raising funds for Invest in ME Research and donating her hair to The Princess Trust –


By Elizabeth Moon –

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

I had Glandular Fever when I was 12 and never recovered. Over the following years it morphed into ME via repeated viral infections, each one acting like a nail in my coffin until I became severely fatigued, plagued by a myriad of symptoms, including body-wide pain with migraines 80% of the time, causing me to be mostly housebound and unable to work or socialise.

ME stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a multisystem, complex, acquired illness with symptoms related mainly to the dysfunction of the brain and nervous system, gastro-intestinal, immune, endocrine and cardiac systems. ME has been classified as a neurological disorder in the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases since 1969 (ICD 10 G93.3).

There is no cure, biomedical treatment or biomedical management for ME on the NHS. This is due to the lack of biomedical research on which NICE can base its guidelines. However, worldwide, research has begun to identify the pathological workings involved in ME, has identified possible biomarkers which would enable a definitive diagnosis, begun to understand mitochondrial dysfunction in the production of energy and begun investigating the use of particular drugs in order to treat the disease.

Invest in ME are raising funds to replicate the Norwegian research into the use of Rituximab to treat ME. They are also setting up a Centre of Excellence for ME ‘which would exist to bring discovery, knowledge, and effective treatments to patients with ME’ and they hold yearly conferences and colloquiums to bring researchers, patient groups, patients and carers together to discuss the latest biomedical research.

Until 2 years ago when I came across this wonderful charity, I had resigned myself to a future where there would be no cure, treatment or understanding of my illness. But this charity, by redirecting research in a biomedical direction, has given me hope for the first time.

I will be sending the hair to the Princess Trust so they can use it to make wigs for children going through chemotherapy. This is why I will be having at least 8″ cut off 😱. I’ve always had long hair, being a hippy at heart, but this is the one thing I’m still able to do to raise money for this great charity. And it will be great knowing that somewhere out there, somebody has hair and feels better about themselves while going through a tough time.

Thank you for your support 💜

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Welcome to Walk for ME 2017!


To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Walk for ME annual event for May ME Awareness, the team will donate £5 to the first 5 people who set up fundraising pages and join the Walk for ME 2017 team on JustGiving.

They wrote –

We’ll also donate £50 to the first page to reach £50!

Hope you’ll come and join the team.

Happy 2017 from Ian, Sarah-Louise and Luke x

To support our fundraising for Invest in ME through Walk for ME 2017, follow the instructions below on how to set up your page on JustGiving and join the Walk for ME 2017 team below. You can also follow the Walk for ME 2017 event on Facebook for all their news and updates!

1. Go to and click on “make your page”
2. Select ‘Personal challenge’
2. Either log in to your justgiving account or click “No – I’m new” to set one up
3. Search for the ME charity you wish to support (please select Invest in ME to support our cause –
4. Click on personal challenge and follow the online steps
5. Choose your justgiving web address
6. Click on “create your page”
7. Personalise your page. You can say who you are walking for and why you are walking
8. Then go to scroll down and click on “Join the team”
9. Select your fundraising page to add it to the team!
10. You can then send your own justgiving address to friends to raise sponsorship. Any target you set on your own page will automatically add to the team target.

If you have any difficulties you can contact the justgiving support team on 0845 078 2063 or email the Walk for ME team at
or find Walk for ME on Facebook.


If you have a pet and would like to join George and Graham by doing a Walkies for ME 2017 for Invest in ME Research then you are welcome to use this link to the page they have set up, which is already part of Team Walk for ME 2017 –


Click here for our page about Walk for ME.

A huge thank you to Team Walk for ME for 5 amazing years!

11th international IiME conference 2016 DVDs now available!



The DVDs from the 11th international Invest in ME conference 2016 are now available to order via PayPal or postal cheque.  Starting at  £14 for Uk purchases, £15 Europe, £17 rest of the world, the DVDs show full presentations from conference plus pre-conference dinner speech. Click here to be the first to buy!

Registration for the 12th international Invest in ME Conference (#IIMEC12) 2nd June 2017 now open –