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My name is James Wythe, I’m 27 and currently living in the Bournemouth area, I have developed a passion for healthy living and cooking after falling very ill 6 years ago. My new blog focuses on gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and sugar free foods. Most of my time is spent either in the kitchen creating quick and healthy allergy free meals or thinking about new dishes I can make. Here is a link to my blog.

It all started when I fell ill in December 2010 just after completing my sports science BSc Degree at Bournemouth University (where I was playing golf for the University and also the Dorset County 1st team). I thought my illness was just a touch of food poisoning but for some reason I didn’t recover and the symptoms just seemed to get worse and worse. I tried to push through this but reached a point where I had to be rushed into hospital for suspected brain tumour. I had several brain scans but I was so weak at that point having lost nearly 3 stone in weight that I couldn’t eat, drink or even stand up!

On my third trip to hospital I was kept in for 11 days. I was tested for everything they could think of, however all the tests came back “normal”. At that point I had also become hypersensitive to more and more of the medication they were giving me. I also had a severe allergic reaction and developed a sensitivity to light, smells and certain foods. The doctors were unable to give any diagnosis apart from saying that I had some kind of viral infection, so they just sent me home and told me to rest and take it easy for a while.

I did go home and rest, unfortunately I didn’t recover or feel any better, in fact I just got worse. I was bed bound, unable to stand up or walk by myself. I couldn’t watch TV or look at my phone as I was extremely sensitive to the light which would give me awful headaches but to make matters worse, I suffered with severe insomnia often going days without any sleep at all. This made it impossible to see my friends and made me feel really isolated.

After multiple attempts to get help from the doctors they finally, after nearly 6 months, diagnosed me with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) also known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I was told there was no “cure” and all I could do was rest and wait.

I started to follow some Facebook pages about M.E to gain more knowledge and came across a page called Let’s Do It For M.E (LDIFME) who were raising money for UK charity Invest in ME to do extensive research into the illness particularly into the gut. Over the next few months I contacted all friends and family members and managed to raise £3000 (The charity raised funds to match the donation making a total of £6000) towards the research which really helped them hit the £100,000 goal they had set. If you wish to donate to this charity or find out more about M.E then go to

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November Updates


“Oh seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness”


Hi everyone! Seems it’s that time of the year again already, the nights are beginning to draw in and it’s time to don our fluffiness mittens and cosiest pyjamas as we approach Winter. But under the cover of darkness, Invest in ME Research loyal supporters and volunteers are still beavering away…


Donations are still coming in to our Give It Uptober fundraising page and Sophie Tennent is being sponsored to give up Facebook for November. Many thanks to all supporting –


Zoe Johnson’s school held a non-uniform day raising an impressive £895.78 and bringing the total raised by Zoe over this year for Invest in ME Research to a whopping £2965.78! Read Essentially Zoe. Support Zoe’s fundraising at


Karen Morris and Stu Nimmo are featured in Salford Star magazine.
Read about our Salford Stars here.

Amazing Makayla Nunn and Tommy’s 4ft Horse Jump for Invest in ME Research is also in the news. Read all about it here. Support Makayla and Tommy at


Tina Rodwell is the mother of a brave boy aged 11. The Rodwells are fundraising for Invest in ME Research because “They are determined to find an answer”. Read Tina’s story and support The Rodwells at


John Adam is running The Brighton 10k on 20th November for Invest in ME Research. Read his story and support him at


Victoria McNiff is organising The Mighty Deerstalker for Invest in ME Research, because 14 year-old Kirsten has severe ME. The event takes place on 11th March 2017. It is “probably the hardest off-road-Tweed-clad-pipe-lit-plus-four-and-headtorch-wearing run that exists, and the biggest nightrun in the U.K.” Victoria wrote, “The more the merrier” if any one else wants to do it for the charity. Read her story and support the event at


She did it! Marianne Haynes, whose sister has ME, ran 5km every day for 33 days and gave up booze raising an amazing £1170 for the Invest in ME Rituxumab Research Fund. Read Marianne’s story here and support her fundraising at


Sally Hogarth is doing The Guys 10 Mile Road Race for Invest in ME Research in December because, “One of my best friends, Hayley, was diagnosed with Myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E) a few years ago and I have witnessed how it has rapidly changed her quality of life. Even though she is suffering deeply with this disease, she is still one of the strongest and loveliest people I know.” Read Sally’s story and support her at


The Tredwell family have been fundraising for some time for Invest in ME Research. Recent events include a table top sale, quiz night and fun day. You can find them on Facebook at Awareness & Fund Raising For ME – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Grab A Bargain in aid of M.E – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and support their fundraising at


Stacy Hart’s Runnin On Empty free and fun competition closes midnight Wednesday 9th November. Find it on Facebook here.


Last year we launched our take on Movember Awareness of men’s health ‘No-Men-Bar for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis’ as there’s a much higher ratio of women to men with ME, in common with other autoimmune diseases. Please contact us if you’d like us to feature your story this month. You can find a range of stories at the end of the 2015 intro blog for Nomenbar for M.E. Geoff Allen has severe ME and a very generous friend of his is offering matching donations up to a maximum of £1500 (excluding Gift Aid, that is an extra bonus, so please remember to check the Gift Aid box if you pay UK tax). The page to use to double the value of your donations is Matching Movember –


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Salford Stars

The stellar awareness and fundraising for Invest in ME Research by Karen Morris and Stu Nimmo features in the Salford Star magazine in an excellent article titled –

So far for Invest in ME Research, Stu Nimmo has done the Great Manchester Run, the Salford 10k and the Manchester Half Marathon, helping to raise over £700.

Next up is a sponsored trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, followed by a whole list of running events next year.

If you would like to run alongside Stu in 2017, you can find their contact details in the article above.

Find Stu Nimmo runs for Invest in ME Research on – FacebookTwitter.

Support Karen and Stu on JustGiving at

Makayla Nunn’s 4ft Horse Jump for Invest in ME Research


Makayla Nunn’s latest fundraising event for Invest in ME has been featured in the Weston Mercury in an article by Sarah Robinson here – ‘No-one can give me answers to if I will get better’ – student who gave up dancing and sport through illness plans 4ft horse jump

Makayla’s story on JustGiving –

I’ve lost my friends because of M.E, I’ve had to cut my hours down at school, give up my dancing and sport. People say because this illness I’ve lost my childhood as I became ill at 8 years of age yet no one can give me answers as to why I got ill or will I get better because at the moment there are no answers . My hope is that Invest in M.E can give me these answers so that’s why I’m raising money for them.

My family watched me lose so much because this Illness but one thing I didn’t give up was my horses . They are my soul mate, my therapy my enjoymentI didn’t care that after riding them they would make me crash I enjoyed it no I loved it one thing M.E wouldn’t take away from me.

I will be 13 on the 12th Sept it will be 5 yrs in October that I have been ill, but this summer the hospital have said if I can manage and pace myself I can spend extra time with my horse Tommy. So because of this I want to challenge myself and Tommy to jump a 4ft jump… this will be a challenge as I’ve not been jumping for that long and Tommy has had a bit of a rest from jumping but I know we can do it and no better way to challenge myself than raise money for Invest in M.E at the same time.

Please help me to help invest in M.E because this illness can affect anyone at anytime and at any age no matter how fit or active they are M.E doesn’t care but I do I want answers.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Support Makayla Nunn on JustGiving at

Matching Movember Offer



A very generous friend of our very own super supporter and severe ME sufferer, Geoff Allen, has kindly offered to match the first £1500.00 donated to the following justgiving page .

Geoff himself is a severe sufferer yet is generous with his own donations and limited energy in support of Invest in ME Research (and the 25% group) as many of you who have carried out events in support of IiME will already know.

So let’s take full advantage of this generous offer 🙂

You can also donate via text
Text GMMO78 (£1 to £10) to 70070
E.g. GMMO78 £5

Don’t forget the space after 78 and to add gift aid if you are a U.K. tax payer.

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UPDATE – You smashed it and Geoff’s amazing friend also matched –
£186 in cards sales by Jane Hurst
£150 in card sales and donation tin by Amy Bakewell
With wonderful friends like yours, together we will find a cure!