Cordon Bleu for ME!

About 2016

Stuck for ideas? Well, we have plenty!

  • You could make a blue drink (perhaps a non-alcoholic cocktail to highlight the tolerance problems of alcohol for someone with ME)
  • or maybe gluten or dairy-free cupcakes with blue icing to represent those who cannot eat normal cupcakes
  • or perhaps blue pasta by colouring the water (natural food colouring, of course! No nasty E-numbers required).
  • Even a blue soup in the style of the hapless and wonderful Bridget Jones!

The choice is yours and the choice is HUGE – endless, even! Blue omelette! Blue curry! (Or at least blue rice.) Blue cheese on a pizza! The list goes on and on ….

The results could be used for an invitation-only themed dinner (might you want to dress as Smurfs for the occasion?); a bake sale; lovely ice lollies (well, we can hope for warm weather in May!) or biscuits in the school playground or office.

The most important thing is awareness for the horrendous disease that is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Remember, many of the severe sufferers cannot eat anything at all and are forced to rely on tube-feeding.

Blue is the colour most associated with ME, and eating, even drinking, a natural pleasure denied to so many who suffer from it.

Please help them by doing what you can to highlight what they go through while having fun in the kitchen and remembering how much your efforts count, whether Masterchef or total novice!

Let the (cake/soufflé/bread) money-raising begin!

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