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May ME Awareness Month

Welcome to ME Awareness Month May 2019! A bit about us… Let’s Do It for ME is a patient-driven campaign supporting the work of the charity Invest in ME Research and helping to raise funds for the biomedical research of

Nova Magazine Spotlights ME

Nova Magazine has published an excellent article by Will and Kathryn Woodvine featuring their teenage son Alex, who is severely ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and their amazing friend Arry’s Mountain Mayhem 100 miles in 24 hours off road cycle challenge

31 Days in May

New book of poems for May ME Awareness Month by The French Femme Rosalynde Lemarchand is pleased to announce the publication of her new book ’31 days in May’ under her nom de plume The French Femme. Ros’s new book

Welcome to Pets Walkies for ME 2019!

All pets are welcome to join Team Walkies for ME, an adorable offshoot of the annual May ME Awareness and Fundraiser Walk for ME. Walkies for ME is arranged by Ian McPhee. The team comprises a group of wonderful pets

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7 hours ago

Let's Do It for ME


There are many symptoms in M.E.
These symptoms vary from person to person, in the degree of severity and are forever fluctuating.
These symptoms may also develop and change as the illness progresses. This makes it a very difficult illness to diagnose and to manage.

Symptoms include overwhelming post-exertional fatigue from mental or physical activity; dysfunctional sleep; pain; problems with memory; sensitivity to light, touch and sound; problems with standing and balance; problems with body temperature and weight; and recurrent flu-like symptoms; that persist for at least six months in adults; or three months in children (Carruthers et al, 2003).

The late Jodi Bassett said that there are 64 individual symptoms of M.E. and she produced a very extensive full list as well as a short list

It feels like a complete breakdown of the body.
It's often said that we could do with a whole body and brain transplant!
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20 hours ago

Let's Do It for ME

All the best tomorrow Mike 🙂Lovely afternoon in Riga! Stunning architecture, cracking little city.

It's been 26c today and apparently tomorrow is 28c, their hottest day of the year so far. Somewhat confused as they seem to be on the same line of latitude as Inverness. But that usually happens when I'm in town to run of course.

I'm not sure how tomorrow will go, I'm hopeful I can finish, much as I like the place I'd rather be coming back for a holiday than a marathon.

Race starts at 8.40am (6.40am GMT).

Good luck to Ben Scott taking on Portadown Marathon, N. Ireland at the same time for Invest In M.E. Ben - we'd die of laughter if someone told us 10 years ago that we'd clock up nearly 40 marathons between us before we were 40 🤣

Thanks to all the kind sponsors, will name you all tomorrow. Would be amazing to get up to £17k before I get home 😉

Catch up tomorrow!
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All the best tomorrow Mike :)

1 day ago

Let's Do It for ME

Warning alert. Some people may find my poem upsetting.
However it's important to raise awareness and better understanding. In this case my poem has been written using the feelings expressed by some of my friends in the M.E. community and especially those with severe M.E.
There are different disability scales for M.E. but they are much the same for the severe end of the scale.
Those with severe M.E. are bedridden and housebound for much of the time, experience considerable difficulties with many aspects of personal care, have marked problems with mental function and require a great deal of practical support.
Those at the bottom of the scale with very severe M.E. have severe symptoms on a continuous basis, are bedridden constantly and are unable to care for themselves.
So it's hardly surprising that when feeling constantly ill some may contemplate ending their lives. The incidence of suicide is appears to be higher in patients with M.E.
We need to be believed. We need better care and to be treated seriously. We need more biomedical research and funding into M.E. We need better education and understanding. We need to keep raising awareness.
We need this suffering to end. So please join me in sharing my poems, sharing my blogs and supporting Invest in ME Research. Thank you
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1 day ago

Let's Do It for ME

All the best to our very own Superhero Mike Harley in the Riga Marathon on Sunday, more details below, do please consider sponsoring him 🙂Flying out to Riga tomorrow ready for number 22 of 28 on Sunday morning.

Still got a bit of a cold and two duff calves but I think I'll get round in one piece, we'll soon find out.

Lovely day meeting my new niece Kaia. We're staying with Suz, Chris, Zavi and Roo before heading up the road to Gatwick for an early flight tomorrow morning.

If you'd like to sponsor me and help us fund M.E research please go to
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All the best to our very own Superhero Mike Harley in the Riga Marathon on Sunday, more details below, do please consider sponsoring him :)