Let’s Raise Awareness about ME

Myalgic encephalomyelitis – can YOU say it?

Actor Jon Campling says: “Just like the condition it’s name may be daunting but with determination and lots of effort YOU can say… and we can beat it.”

Sharing Jon’s video is a fun way to raise awareness and challenge your friends. via @joncampling

About ME

This video was made by Tanya Mawer’s two youngest daughters Tasha and Tara who both suffer from ME, to help raise awareness about ME and to raise awareness and funds for the Invest in ME Research Projects.

Find out more on our About ME page.


The Caged Bird: ME Awareness Twenty Years On …

A video painstakingly made for ME awareness by The Caged Bird, who wishes to remain anonymous, despite being progressively poorly with mod/severe ME.

The Caged Bird sings to raise awareness about ME and encourage donations to the Invest in ME research projects. This is her second awareness video, her first video A Dream, A Wish, A Hope tells how aged 11 her life was changed forever by ME.

Ignorance and ME

Dont Say Nuthin If It Ain’t Worthwhile is a track written by Mama Chill to raise awareness and to highlight the ignorance and often crass comments made by those yet to understand what it’s like to live with a chronic physical condition such as ME.

This song is donated as a FREE MP3 and can be found on our Mama Chill page. All that’s asked is that you share the video and help raise awareness.


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Awareness Materials by Invest in ME Research

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Matchstick Campaign
Matchstick Campaign
Matchstick Campaign
Matchstick Campaign
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Matchstick Campaign for ME Awareness – please see base.investinme.me.uk/matchsticks.shtml for full details. The matchstick images are copyrighted to artist Wolfgang Stiller and may not be copied without permission.

For Fundraising Aids from Invest in ME Research – please visit http://base.investinme.me.uk/fundraisingaids.shtml


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